Beggar at Ghazi Chowk



August 2014

The End of Beggar at Ghazi Chowk 20 Aug

April 2014

Why Coke Studio Matters 6 Apr

August 2013

How Do Good Ideas Spread? 10 Aug

July 2013

An unravelling state 2 Jul

My friend Alice explaining how I feel: 1 Jul

June 2013

Reasonable Circumstance 19 Jun

An Imagined Community 18 Jun

April 2013

Anthropomorphized mediocrity 4 Apr

March 2013

Poorer by concentration 6 Mar

Letter to my freshman self 5 Mar

February 2013

Dawn Reporting on Gandhi’s Death 26 Feb

November 2012

Pigeonholed 30 Nov

Why Twitter’s ‘People You May Know’ is Broken 25 Nov

The PPP’s Trouble with Free Information 25 Nov

Google Pakistan Home Page Hacked 24 Nov

National Assembly adopts MQM’s resolution to deweaponise Pakistan 21 Nov

Afridi Skipping the Big Bash 19 Nov

Marooned Passports 18 Nov

September 2012

Taking charge of email 25 Sep

May 2012

In defense of common sense 9 May

April 2012

Getting in from abroad 26 Apr

On social entrepreneurship 12 Apr

March 2012

The curse of liberal arts 29 Mar

The Pequod is still too damn high 1 Mar

February 2012

Culture and Athletics 8 Feb

December 2011

Please Go Away 16 Dec

November 2011

Rethinking Our Ideals: Multiculturalism 22 Nov

Review: Pakistan – Folk and Pop Instrumentals 6 Nov

Coke Studio’s Possible Timelessness. 5 Nov

September 2011

10 years on from 9/11 15 Sep

March 2011

War Minus The Shooting. 29 Mar

A New Generation of Rock. 18 Mar

Starbucks and Foreign Policy. 17 Mar

February 2011

Junoon Manifests in ADP. 9 Feb

A Powerful Entrance – Bumbu Sauce. 8 Feb

December 2010

Tony Blair, Imran Khan, Sunglasses & That Guitar Sound. 24 Dec

November 2010

New Directions for Noori. 30 Nov

Garmi On – Urban Life & the Underground. 9 Nov

Picking up the Sagar Veena. 4 Nov

October 2010

Rehman Malik, Please don’t make Pakistan another xenophobic society. 10 Oct

September 2010

Searches That Lead Here. 30 Sep

A Take on Pakistani Patriotism Part 1: The Islamic State. 16 Sep

I Missed Something. 12 Sep

An Update. 12 Sep

August 2010

A Place Where Ends Meet (From the News on Sunday) 19 Aug

Meeting Ali Hamza. 18 Aug

Plea. 14 Aug

Arieb Azhar. The Interview. 11 Aug

More Stories from the Land of the Pure. 10 Aug

Koolmuzone: An Online Success Story – The Interview. 3 Aug

When Good News Eludes This Land. 3 Aug

Me and a Rebel in Nepal. 2 Aug

July 2010

Thank You, My Inspirations. 19 Jul

My Thoughts On Pakistani Blogging. 18 Jul

The Tayyara Bus – A Photo. 13 Jul

You Know You’re in Karachi When… 13 Jul

Noori’s Third Album (Rahi Yahan Kay). Preview/Guesstimates. 11 Jul

Match Fixing and the Inshallah Complex. 9 Jul

So My Car is Suspect? 8 Jul

Lahore’s Best Chicken Tikka. 8 Jul

Oh Yes. 7 Jul

The End – On Cricket, Passion, Religion and Tragedy. 6 Jul

What I’m Working On. 5 Jul

Lahore is Struck. Again. 2 Jul

A Song I’m Hooked To. 1 Jul

June 2010

Why Don’t They Suspect Me Anymore? 30 Jun

Stories From a Night Out. 26 Jun

A Citizen’s Account of The Raiwind Road Protest. 24 Jun

The Problem With the Elite. 20 Jun

Hopelessness is Rampant. 20 Jun

A Message to the Pakistani Media. 20 Jun

Music and Gurus of Peace. 17 Jun

The Website is Back to Normal. 17 Jun

More on Zeb and Haniya. 17 Jun

The Geek in Me Lives. 17 Jun

A Bone to Pick with the Times – On Chitral. 16 Jun

Some Thought in the Chaos. 16 Jun

Before These Crowded Streets. 11 Jun

You May Not Come Back Inside. 7 Jun

10’000 Civilians & 2’500 Soldiers. What We’ve Paid/Lost. 7 Jun

People Always Think What I’m Thinking, But Better. 6 Jun

Rock the Airwaves in Pakistan. 6 Jun

God, Faith, Courage, Love – First Stop: Allama Iqbal International Airport. 5 Jun

May 2010

The Down Low on the Facebook Ban – Updated. 20 May

What to Make of the Pakistani Media. 18 May

Junoon – What You Need to Know. 14 May

Why a Pakistani Identity is Irrelevant. 14 May

Burqas and Conservatives – Let it Be. 14 May

Bulleh Shah: Ik Nukde Wich Gal Mukdi Ae. 10 May

‘Love, Life, Junoon’ – To Sufi Night, with Love. 5 May

April 2010

87 Words on History: A Rant. 29 Apr

Some Blogs Thou Findeth. 28 Apr

Jhoom Lay, But Do It Outside the Country. 28 Apr

Gems in Dawn. A Reading List. 22 Apr

What a Shame. 21 Apr

Peaceful Indians. 21 Apr

The Making of a Suicide Bomber. Eye Opening. 21 Apr

And The Sufis Take The Stage. 21 Apr

How Dare a Dictator Make Us Have Elections. 16 Apr

Too Many Fashion Weeks. 14 Apr

Punjabi Punk & More. 14 Apr

Just a Note About This Blog. 13 Apr

TMI. 12 Apr

India-a-aa, India! 12 Apr

Who are we? The Pakistani Identity Crisis. 12 Apr

You’ll Need a Security Guard. 11 Apr

The Bare Skin Rebellion. 11 Apr

Am I a Fan or am I a Fan? 10 Apr

Indian Women Fall For Pakistani Men. 9 Apr

A Secular Pakistan. Don’t Laugh. 9 Apr

Desi Standard Time. 9 Apr

The School Children Take The Fight. 9 Apr

The Year of the Drone. 8 Apr

A Pakistani Socialist? Save us. 8 Apr

Make Fun of Your Politicians. 7 Apr

More War at Fashion Shows. 7 Apr

The World Doesn’t Care About Democracy. 5 Apr

More Subliminal Peace Messages. 5 Apr

Everybody Loves Women. 4 Apr

What’s in a Name? 3 Apr

The Creative Rebellion to Extremism. 3 Apr

Why Taboo is Good. 1 Apr

Dilemma: Two Bad Options. Good Luck. 1 Apr

Ghee & Sugar in Your Mouth. 1 Apr

March 2010

Ask for Tourists, not Terrorists. 31 Mar

Why the Drones Annoy this Pakistani Novelist. 30 Mar