Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


Some Thought in the Chaos.

16 Jun 2010

Image Courtesy Dawn

Sana Arjumand is an emerging artist I just read about in Dawn. The article introduces her as follows:

An edgy mix of fantasy and reality, young Sana Arjumand’s solo, ‘Lets fly first class’ at Aicon Gallery, New York, affirms her ability to temper critical social, political and gender concerns with whimsical, quirky funniness. Speaking about her work, she sheds light on the motivations behind her parodist, often radical content. Other than a showing at VM, Karachi and two solos at Canvas, Karachi, she has also exhibited abroad at Aicon Gallery and Flux Festival, London, Broadway Gallery, East West Centre, Honolulu and availed notable residencies, such as Art Omi in New York. The artist currently lives and works in Islamabad.

In the interview that followed she talks about an inspiration behind her artwork that I find very interesting.

The level and intensity of visual excitement in Pakistan that comes from the chaotic energy gives birth to ideas that are impossible in other environments or in other societies. Developed societies have a sort of neatness to them; they have lost a kind of chaotic creativity. At the same time, the visuals that I make are very global, in the sense that they’re comprehendible cross-culturally.

Her analysis strikes a deep chord with me. The lack of surface organization, chaotic creativity/energy as she puts it, is something very apparent over South Asia, including Pakistan.

The rest of the interview is similarly interesting. Do check out her work.