Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


Searches That Lead Here.

30 Sep 2010

So I’ve seen weird searches to my blog. Most interesting being this one search term along the lines of ‘bazaar in zeerakpur’. No that is not a place, and its a creepy joke if that’s one.

But every now and then, lots of people show up looking for the lowdown on Pakistani beggars. Take a look at these ones I got yesterday:

“dawn news articles on beggars”
“street beggars history in pakistan”

Unfortunately I have no answers. The only thing I usually have on beggars is perhaps the not-so-well-wishes I get when I often wave a hand. Maybe I should have a conversation with them some time. Perhaps about the never ending rumors of shop keepers bringing in beggars from the street to get change for a thousand.