Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


I Missed Something.

12 Sep 2010

Guess who was on the plane with me to New York?

Shehzad Roy, Fakhre Alam, Jawad Ahmed and Adnan Siddiqui. I could have got my money’s worth of the project on the plane.

I didn’t.

Where were they sitting? I mean I didn’t even see them at Manchester when we got off the plane for them to security check us, since the one in Lahore obviously wasn’t good enough. Well, I have news for you, in Britain they don’t send me to anti Narcotics force as soon as they see me. It’s the hair. Has to be the hair. Because if you’re going to schedule flights at 6 in the morning I will look like a druggie because of lack of sleep.

The guy next to me though managed to get pictures with them all. Epic Fail.