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The Tayyara Bus – A Photo.

13 Jul 2010

The famous Tayyara Bus. Tayyara is the local word for vessel (think transport vessel), and so will be used for ships or airplanes. This sort of traditional, signature painted bus, in a bright pop-artish sort of way is also known by that name, for what reason I’m not sure.

The art on the bus is a Pakistani artifact, and is often referred to as truck art, because of its prevalence on, you guessed it, trucks. This sort of bus, is unfortunately, known nut just for characteristic aesthetic but ridiculous driving and no standardisation. It has hence seen a demise in Lahore, where private companies with newer buses and paid advertisements now rule, but that sort of move toward civilization is yet to reach heavily politicized, ethnically charged Karachi. Karachi is known as the more progressive of the two cities though. I don’t believe in irony.

The photo unfortunately is a bit grainy. These are my experiments with a simple point and shoot that gives me the luxury of a High ISO setting, but it is after all,a point and shoot. But I liked the photo, so a little Photoshop brings it here. Nothing too big, just a few minor filters to make the detail more visible and easy to digest.