Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


Oh Yes.

7 Jul 2010

Boom Boom

Just witnessed Pakistan beat Australia, again!

A large family gathering involved screaming at the television set and Pakistani fielding as we made jokes and prayed for us to win while recovering from gross overeating at Gawalmandi, what used to house the famed Food Street, but alas, it is for Shahbaz Sharif that we do no more.

My father and I watched together today, as we did the World T20 final that we won, and also the one we lost. My best cricket memories always involve him.

Also heard a Pepsi ad more closely today. Its an advert for a cricket talent hunt run by Pepsi and the Pakistan Cricket Board, the stars of the ad being Imran Khan and Wasim Akram. Imran starts off by saying (translated from Urdu):

This is not a game, it is a junoon (passion/obsession – yes same source as name of band Junoon), which flows through our every vein.

I would also like to quote my previous blog post, which mind you, I wrote without paying heed to this ad.

From being the old adage to fight of the British in the field…, to the cricket boys will play on every third street corner and all dusty empty plots in the crackling heat. Cricket is in Pakistani blood.

Yes I’m tooting my own horn, but grant me this. In the words of Porcupine Tree, ‘credit me with some intelligence, if not just credit me’.

Meanwhile I share with you some of my favorite cricket quotes. Some drawn from the posters at Edgbaston.

“Be Afridi, be very Afridi”, spectators playing Boom Boom Pow to welcome Afridi (okay this isn’t a quote but it was hilarious). I am now blank. For some weird reason. I am a huge Afridi fan. Just wanted to make sure you got that if it wasn’t obvious. Huge fan.