Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


More on Zeb and Haniya.

17 Jun 2010

Courtesy Koolmuzone

The Globe and Mail has a really good piece on Zeb and Haniya, the Pashtun funk/jazz/blues/rock-pop duo.

While the war trucks on in Pakistan, citizens are trying to go about their daily business. And some, such as two young women named Zebunnisa Bangash and Haniya Aslam, are even making bold moves outside their gender and ethnic boundaries.

Zeb and Haniya, as they are known, are Pathan, part of the Pashtun culture. To people in the Western world and even to those in Pakistan, the Pashtun are inextricably linked with the Taliban, and hence often demonized. The two women from Lahore, both 30, have chosen […]