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The Problem With the Elite.

20 Jun 2010

Image Courtesy The Express Tribune

George Fulton is a Pakistan based British freelance journalist. He also writes Op-Eds for the Express Tribune and this recent one titled We Are the Problem is pretty brilliant. It highlights an issue not really talked about openly and frequently enough and is written really well. I spent about a half hour trying to choose which paragraph to quote here but I couldn’t. You just have to read the entire thing.

His story is also pretty interesting and unique, and he is one of Pakistan’s prominent and rare immigrants (aside of refugees). Wikipedia has a brief but good profile on him.

George Fulton (b. November 10, 1977 in Birkenhead, Merseyside, United Kingdom) is a Pakistan-based British television journalist and producer.

Fulton was working for the BBC when he travelled to Karachi, Pakistan, to launch a BBC produced political talk show on Pakistani politics called Question Time Pakistan.Hard Talk Pakistan. He was then offered to do a reality show, George Ka Pakistan, by Pakistan’s Geo TV based on his ex Following which he produced BBC’s periences in Pakistan. During the show which was a success, he married a Pakistani, Kiran.

George soon left Geo TV for another Pakistani TV channel, Aaj TV, where he launched Pakistan’s version of Have I Got News For You, called News, Views & Confused. He produced and scripted the show’s first season, before moving on to produce Aaj TV’s morning show, Kiran Aur George with his wife. Both also host the show.