Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


The Bare Skin Rebellion.

11 Apr 2010

Here’s how this Dawn report of a Peshawar fashion show begins.

“Days after bombers tried to storm the US consulate, models defied the Taliban to sashay down a catwalk in Pakistan’s troubled city Peshawar, flashing navels and exposing shoulders.”

Pakistan’s multitude of fashion weeks, confusing all but the ones conducting them, continue to rebel in their own way: in this case bare skin.

Other rebellion exists, but for some reason this is 2010’s anti-stereotype as some Pakistanis would have it. Some would say this brings out the western influence that is so prevalent in the country today, others would point to the fact that many modern families which are by no means extremist, may still find this out of place, exiting cultural bounds, and maybe even crossing moral boundaries. But the dichotomy does exist.