Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


More Subliminal Peace Messages.

5 Apr 2010

For those in Islamabad, there’s an exhibition open by Imran Mudassar at Rohtas Gallery, as recently reported in the Daily Times.

And as we analysed earlier, subliminal messages addressing the war are present in various forms of Pakistani art, from fashion to painting. Here’s some more evidence from the article.

Mudassar’s works also reflect the efforts of the printmakers to re-invent printmaking process. The focus of the collection is on Afghan war where US forces are presently fighting against Taliban forces. …

Talking to Daily Times, the artist said in his recent and most of the work, he had dealt with the idea of life and its destruction by creating a dialogue between his own body and war related objects and events. He plans to take this exhibition around Pakistan to create a bond among printmakers working in different parts of the country.

Here’s to Mudassar’s success.