Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


Dilemma: Two Bad Options. Good Luck.

1 Apr 2010

5 American Citizens are soon to go on trial in Pakistan for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks. Reports such as this suggest that the defense will argue that the visitors came to learn more about their culture and religion.

What a sad state of affairs. Here’s why.

If it’s not true, then Pakistani culture is now being brought down to a level of being used as a fake excuse to come pay a courtesy visit to a terrorist organization. Further propagation that our culture is nothing but terrorism and dealing with it. Of-course there’s the party crowd that everyone writes about, so it’s either stereotype or anti-stereotype. Unfortunately nothing remains in between.

Even if it is true however, then its just one more reason to not visit Pakistan. Who’ll want to know about Pakistan’s culture? If you do, beware, you might be considered a terrorist. As if that wasn’t a problem already.

It is no one’s fault, and I have no knowledge of the truth better than anyone else, but either way, the case to be made is not the happiest.