Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


Desi Standard Time.

9 Apr 2010

So the 18th Amendment to the 1973 Constituiton of Pakistan, which aims to bring it back to its original spirit is almost passed.

It went through the lower house of Parliament unanimously a couple of days ago, quite a landmark. Getting 300 Pakistanis to agree on something is not easy. Believe me. If you have a Pakistani friend please ask him/her to verify.

The last paragraph of this Dawn article covering the event was hilarious to me. Pakistani culture manages to live through the war.

“The NA session was delayed for over an hour due to poor attendance of participating MNAs whose presence was necessary for the voting on the 18th Amendment bill.”

This phenomenon was well put in a recent email of the South Asian Students’ Association board. We were told to arrive promptly at a meeting, no “Desi Standard Time”.”