Beggar at Ghazi Chowk


And The Sufis Take The Stage.

21 Apr 2010

The Internation Sufi Music Festival my Rafi Peer is back.

I’m not in Lahore to go there myself, but for people there I strongly recommend. Unfortunately it’s no longer being held at the AlHamra open air theatre, which is quite an experience in itself I must say. Like the Rafi Peer Performing Arts festival, this will also be help at Peeru’s, on Raiwind Road. I must say it’s worth the drive. Food isn’t half bad either.

Peeru’s is a restaraunt cum puppet museum cum theatre. Interesting place to visit must say.

“The famous names of the performers include Sain Zahoor, Papu Sain, Arif Lohar, Goonga and Abida Parveen”, says this report.

I suspect the venue change is because of security concerns, to make the event somewhat lower profile, but that’s just a guess. A bombing did take place at the last version of the Performing Arts festival held at AlHamra, but nothing to too major. Below is a video of a bombing at that theatre as Arieb Azhar performs, not sure if it’s the same event, but I think it is.

Many reports quote the Peerzada family complaining that the Pakistani government has not helped financially, although I did read a foreign representative did contribute.